Low Testosterone in Men

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What is Testosterone?

Posted on May 27, 2018 in testosterone

Testosterone is the primary hormone that is responsible for the male functions of hair growth, sexual activity, prostate functioning and much more. Most men start to think about such things like hormones when they become aged and they begin to see the first signs of diminishing performance, usually connected with erection problems and a low appetite for sex.

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According to the information provided by endocrinologists all over the world, for the last decade this problem became more serious. But many doctors think that the problem of low testosterone in men has always existed, but in older times men were more shy and confused to report any sexual problems they may have. Nowadays people are freer, and more men are asking for medical help when they face erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive.


Many doctors will diagnose and treat men’s menopause or andropause. Some of the symptoms are similar to female menopause, such as irritation and weight gain. Their muscles start to become weaker; they may face problems with sleep, concentration and memory loss. The clearest sign of hormone changes is simply that after forty men begin to look old. The most serious side effects of low testosterone may even be the osteoporosis, leading to drastic bone changes.


So, if you are not quite sure about your level of testosterone and you want to avoid the negative effects that it may provide, you can simply go through the blood hormonal test. If you see an endocrinologist in time, you will find out that the problem is not that you become older, but that your level of testosterone is decreasing.


Sometimes young couples face the problem that the woman cannot become pregnant due to the low testosterone level that her husband has. In such cases the best solution is for the man to take an injection of testosterone. The injection has to be done several times, every couple of weeks. In some cases like cancer of prostate, testosterone injections are not prescribed.


Usually, low testosterone in men of young age can be the cause of genetic defects or the weak secretion of testosterone. During the pubertal period, the testosterone hormone is responsible for developing of the male secondary sex signs, such as voice deepening, hair growth, muscle growing, erection, etc. The most popular therapy for treating low testosterone in men is called testosterone replacement therapy usually prescribed in the form of the muscular injections. Another great option that lots of men use to regain their testosterone levels are natural testosterone boosters. These supplements contain vitamins and minerals that help to promote the natural production of testosterone by the body. If you are interested in find out more about these, here are some great testosterone booster reviews.


To prevent the development of early signs of low testosterone, men should avoid using drugs, try to follow a healthy diet, and lead an active way of life. Men should also try to prevent stress and psychological overloads. Hypothalamus glands and the pituitary glands are usually responsible for the normal reproduction of testosterone hormones in the male body. One of the worst case scenarios of low testosterone is the development of male breasts.